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Amplify and attraction -

with #1 best-selling author Natasha Rose Mills and Actor from viral film Winnie The Pooh Blood and Honey/

Certified Mindfulness Compassion Teacher and Transformational coach


Amp-lify and Attraction : Unlock the secrets to success



Are you living the life you want to be living? or is it far from what you imagined it would be?

It takes a lot of courage to say " I'm not where I hoped I would be" Maybe you feel stuck in trying to figure things out and you can't find presence in your acting or creative projects?

Get simple steps each week to guide your path, find clarity, purpose and ATTRACT what you want without fear with strategies to OVERCOME THE challenges of rejection, and feeling stuck.

Work with me to Discover strategies to take your career to the next level

Turn your passion into a SIDE HUSTLE to have the flexibility to do more of what you love acting/ filmaking



Mindfulness is not a new concept. The NHS in the UK specifically use mindfulness to treat low mood and anxiety for many years.

I empower actors and industry professionals with mindfulness frame work and one to one coaching to take charge of their careers by overcoming creative blocks, handling rejection and fears, and nurturing self-awareness and self-acceptance.

I emphasize the importance of building meaningful relationships, drawing inspiration from the top 1% of industry leaders. Together, we forge a path to success marked by peace, clarity, resilience, and inner guidance.

I GUIDE individuals helping you to reconnect with yourself open the door way to opportunities and discover your wise heart.

Find Clarity and Confidence And Discover Your Wise Heart.

Uncover the True self - a compassionate, courageous friend within and discover more from industry film makers!

14 day trial ONLY £1!! £35 a month after


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Amplify and attraction membership is for you if...

  • You're looking to attract your dream role

  • Had other therapy sessions but are still unable to shift from depression, anxiety

  • ​You want to know how to get unstuck

  • Want to access your potential!

  • You want to have more creative ideas

  • You want to manifest ideas into reality

  • You want to create the life of your dreams

  • You want start harnessing your full potential

  • Strategies and practices for increased performance

  • Action plan and steps

  • Find clarity and confidence

  • You want to leave the job you're and achieve your dreams

  • Access to industry talks with leading award winning film makers

Natasha Rose Mills is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and will only use personal information to administer your account

and to provide the products and services you request from us. You agree to the terms when you sign up to this form

Step 1

Overcome challenges

Join this membership to know more about how to overcome the challenges you're facing right now! to experience a lasting breakthrough in attracting more of what you want, personal freedom.

Step 1

Who am I?

Natasha Rose Mills is an actor certified mindfulness teacher and Transformational coach who founded Amplify Creative Coaching, a sanctuary of transformation, just a year ago. Through her guidance, high achievers and performers unlock their true potential, achieve their goals and trust within themselves. and joining the 1% who take control back of their careers

As an actor she understands the trials and tribulations of pursuing one’s dreams, the challenges that can often lead to self-doubt and fear. In acting she played Jess in “Winnie The Pooh” feature film, which hit #3 at the US box office, and her compelling chapter in the best-selling book, “Creating Joy.”, where she shares her inspiring story of overcoming depression after discovering mindfulness and self-compassion.    

Natasha's coaching approach guiding you to authenticity, self-acceptance, and resilience. By confronting fears, self-judgment, and anxiety with curiosity and kindness. This trust is the key to endless possibilities and reshaping their minds for success, happiness, and fulfilment. She empowers you to break through creative blocks and realize your aspirations.  

Her transformative work has resonated across the media landscape, with features on Fox News, NBC, Yahoo, and Digital Journal. 

Amplify Creative allows affordable memberships empower actors to rewrite their narratives, and her mindfulness coaching guides individuals to rebuild their self-discovery.  

Through Natasha's guidance, you can tap into the dreams of your inner child and manifest them into reality, opening the doors to the desires of your heart. With her, you'll discover not only who you are but who you can become.  



Corrie and Emmerdale Film Director -Jason Wingard

Q&A with GENE Falliaze on Audition prep and stage presence and more..

Q&A session with Award winning filmmaker-  Gene Falliaze 

Gene Falliaze is one of hardest working people I know, he has 25 years in the business started working in radio and then progressing to film - He is a full of valuable gold mines of information from how he helps actors in auditions - he also, have a deep level of understanding how actors should work together to build connection and a believable performance.

I invited Gene to share HIS insight with our


members here at

Amplify Creative

this ended up being INCREDIBLE advice for acting tips and if they were looking to embark on their own projects. 

During our chat we talked about...

  • His industry experience and his new film with Kevin Spacey

  • What’s casting like for your film?

  • What do you think makes a successful audition from an actor?

  • How can an actor prepare before going into audition?

  • What do you think makes a performance most believable?

  • What advice would you give to actors starting out in the industry?

  • What are the most valuable skills you think actors should have?

  • What do you look for in an audition? And would you say it’s important to go to a traditional drama school?

  • How important to do think having agent would be to you 

  • Advice for actors starting out

And MUCH MUCH more...

This is an absolute MUST-LISTEN Guys

Hit 'play' NOW!

Step 2

Amplify and Attraction Membership

✔️Mindfulness and resilience high level


Have a comprehensive strategy and roadmap, with a mindfulness system proven

by science to alter regions of the brain to help you think and feel positively.

Effectively handling and

identify fears to approach self-judgment with curiosity and kindness, enabling

you to cultivate inner resilience and authentically develop trust within


Embrace self-compassion through spiritual and emotional healing practices,
thereby fostering harmony and peace within yourself and find inner FREEDOM in
acting and creative projects so you’re ready to attract more opportunities.

Learn how to enhance your performance at a high level with the support of group coaching and
accountability. This transformative opportunity valued at £1000.

✔️(Tap into your inner guidance and uncover

Discover from a certified Spiritual coach how to tap into your inner signals and listen to the hutches you get to tune into NEW creative

It might be that writing project you haven't thought of yet or film, maybe a new book you haven’t written yet? and begin to open yourself up to opportunities in your life with intuitive practices and resources. Valued at ( £1000)

✔️Learn to Set Goals

Have a complete guide to effective goal setting methods to help you plan forward to stay consistent without relying on willpower or
motivation and begin set healthier habits for increased performance and success
be crystal clear on your direction and create intuitive goals that feel in alignment with your hearts desires and are integrated with your values with resources and practices

(Valued at ( £2000)

✔️Award winning film makers / Industry talks

Learn from industry professionals in the film industry with commissions from Netflix, Channel 4 if you’re feeling nervous about auditions
or you’re looking to create your own work discover from the ones who took that step

( bonus material COMING SOON

( valued at £2000)

✔️ Discover a step-by-step strategy proven to be effective with mindfulness practices widely used by doctors and in the NHS

✔️ Weekly live coaching sessions every Saturday or catch up on replay plus access to course and live recordings.


(Limited spaces) one to one coaching once a month to help you take charge of your career and join the 1% by building relationships

All of this for £30 a month with the first 14 days for ONLY £1!


What's in the programme :

Have a Step By Step Plan That really Works..

Gain clarity and confidence whilst
working one to one and group coaching.

Become a heart felt warrior with compassion

Learn what’s holding you back, become more emotionally resilient, overcome self-sabotage and rejection, and fears to enable to move forward more easily

Discover the Light Bulb -
Trust Yourself

Discover what's holding you back, your connection to the mind and body and become emotionally resilient.

Build awareness, delve into a deeper understanding of your thought and behaviors -

working one to one and group coaching

Become open to more opportunities

Open up limitless opportunities whilst tapping into your potential.

Trust grows - opportunities OPEN

Develop an unwavering trust in yourself to open up the doors once CLOSED.

Build a better awareness without grasping or pushing
Improve yourself image.

Discover ways of getting insight for that idea by connecting to your inner guidance. Experience ease and flow as you start to ATTRACT more opportunities into your life.

Learn to be kind to yourself - Attract more

Open to your heart to discover who you are underneath judgement

Discover how to control self judgement become more kind and compassionate non-judgmental towards thoughts and develop a trust in yourself to attract the roles you want.

Be Kinder and More Self Compassionate

Learn how self compassion is a stronger motivator and discover ways it can be helpful for you to be kinder to yourself


Unlock your true self within by discovering your authentic self aware of limitations holding you back, learning how to tap into those hutches listen to your inner guidance and starting acting on your true heart calling.

increase motivation and be more driven to go after what you want without fear

Step-by-step action plan to help you move forward without fear

Discover powerful practices that will transform your life


Attract your dream role/ job without FEAR of Failure and feeling Rejected

Transform the relationship with yourself

Being open and identify who you are to reach your full potential

Tune in your intuitive signals

Manifest insight/ creative ideas naturally

How to tap into your unmet potential

Discover your bodies signals and intuitively become more connected to open more doors to opportunities


Have the motivation and feel inspired to work towards your goals?

Connect more with your inner guidance?

Not let fear hold you back?

Discover how it can help you to attract the roles you want and everything in your life

Overcome anxiety so you live the life you truly want

Have a happier joyful life full of Hope and possibility.

Discover how to find answers to burning questions you've searched long and hard for.

Find peace within yourself instead of putting pressure on yourself all the time.

Understand the difference between emotion and your intuition ( inner child)

Be kinder to yourself in the face of difficulties and know what strategies will work for you?

Overcome the intrusive thoughts holding you back telling yourself you are not good enough?

Discover how to manage stress and overcome it more effectively and understand signals your body gives to know what action you need to take?

Let go of limiting beliefs and create a new you.

Become more self compassionate so you can build a better relationship with yourself and others?

... Do you want to know where to start??

... Act on those little intuitive impulses

stop doubting yourself and trust your inner guidance

✔️ Feeling stuck with your career, maybe you're new to the industry learn from from industry film makers the best way to approach auditions or creating your own work.

I’ve been there! I know what it’s like to experience rejection and live in lack no hope and let it affect you. We can work together.

identify patterns of behaviour and create resources to promote resilience

The question , will you come onto the intuitive yo harness your full untapped potential?

Ready? :-)

Natasha delivered a workshop for our actors back in December. We’ve had several guest experts deliver sessions in the past and I have to say, none of them have been quite as IMPACTFUL as Natasha’s. Every actor left feeling like they could step out of mindset hell and into clarity & calm Couldn’t recommend enough!



The Amplify and Attraction

AMP Programme



Peace/ Purpose

Simple Effective System - Incorporated - Research - Result Driven

Which You Have Access too!

( Plus you HAVE training - audios, - resources gifts)

Discover how you can effectively manage triggers

Find out the secret the 1% of successful people are doing to achieve their goals.

What people are saying....



Actor/ health professional


In 12 weeks Mahala felt more confident, and happier, overcome anxiety, FEAR of Failure and feeling rejected, and overcome emotional blocks of self-judgement getting in the way of acting.

She now knows how to open herself up to insight and potential opportunities without FEAR.

In her own words, her performance feels electric! Don't take our word for it hear from Mahala in this short video.

Want to take that next step to book onto the programme here.

Natasha Rose Mills is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and will only use personal information to administer your account

and to provide the products and services you request from us. You agree to the terms when you sign up to this form

If you would like to support my business donations are always welcome here, thank you!

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